Military Rescue

Military Rescue 1.0

Military Rescue deals with a battle and rescue mission
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Military Rescue deals with a battle and rescue mission in which you will be involved. You will have full responsibility over the hostages and your special armed forces soldiers. A retro game filled with action, great music, and nice animations.

One good feature of the game is the option to change the keys to control your character. This is very useful and flexible for those of us who have already gotten used to certain key configuration to feel comfortable. By default you can control your trooper by using the WASD keys for general movement and J,K and L for shooting, jumping, and launching a grenade respectively.

Locate the hostages the enemy has taken and offer them the sweet gift of freedom, but be careful because the entire way is very well guarded. Stay away from fire-throwing devices and military helicopters in order to survive a bit longer, watch out for enemies falling on parachutes behind you inadvertently, and keep moving at all cost.

Each level will increase its degree of difficulty. If you are a lover of battles, dangers, and military games you will be able to complete the entire game with ease and pride.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Entertaining and quite fun


  • You can't save your progress, which means that if you have to go take out the dog for a while, you'll have to begin the game from scratch again
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